Working with Sacral Chakra, or, Svadhisthana

Sacral-ChakraThe chakra’s themselves are energy centers that distribute prana (life force). Both the yogi Patanjali and Siddhartha Gautama (later known as Buddha) viewed physical sensations as sources of mindfulness and, as such, pathways to understanding levels of higher consciousness. Svadhisthana (or swadhisthana) is said to control physical health and well-being.

The Sacral is the center of procreation and therefore is associated with sexual maturation and also addiction. Visceral is a good way to describe this chakra as its aspect of intelligence is sensation and pleasure, i.e. sex, healthful eating, exercise, rest, fun, work. The phrase “to feel” is appropriate when thinking of the sacral chakra as it is one of the two somatic energy centers (the other somatic element is the root chakra) and is considered the emotional identity or self-gratification center of the body.

Anodea Judith said it best in her excellent book, Eastern Body Western Mind: Psychology and the Chakra System as a Path to Self: The “emotional identity [of the sacral] expands the experience of the body and gives it dimension and texture, connecting us to the flow of the world. . .the emotions are the clothing of our feelings.”

Sacral chakra is located approximately two inches below the navel and two inches into the pelvis and is associated with the color orange.

sacral-chakra-mark-prestonArchetypal Aspects of Root Chakra


The Emperor/Empress:

The positive aspect of the Sacral Chakra can be found in The Empress or Emperor figure. The Empress does not feel guilt over her body and its needs, nor does she overindulge; she knows that she deserves the good in life. If Empress could speak, she would say, “Your body responds best to thoughts of love and goodness and you must love who you are exactly as you are in this moment.”


The Martyr

The negative side of this archetype is the Martyr. Martyrs deprive themselves of simple pleasures as a form of self-punishment; they often feel unworthy of those pleasures and when or if they do indulge in them, they feel enormous guilt. The martyr frequently projects this guilt on to other people and often causes those around her to suffer unnecessarily.

If sacral chakra spoke she would say, “I am Water and Jupiter and I move to the rhythmic dance of life, welcoming abundance, pleasure and sensation. I adorn myself in carnelian, tiger’s eye, and multi-colored onyx and my home is found in those places where movement, passion, and physical pleasure abound. I am my own abode. Mine is the color of sexuality and physical wealth.”

The chief message of the Sacral Chakra: Know that who you are and what you do are enough. Do not associate self-worth with what you have or do; create healthy boundaries to protect your vitality. It is your basic right to feel and have pleasure.

Ways to work with the Root Chakra:

Affirmations. You may use one of selections below or develop your own. Remember that affirmations take time, but typically people sense a shift if they work with the affirmation twice a day (usually morning and night) for a minimum of 4 to 6 weeks. It may be longer; it may be shorter, only you will know what is right. The affirmations below are adapted from Anodea Judith.

  • I deserve pleasure in my life.
  • I move easily and effortlessly.
  • Life is pleasurable.
  • I embrace and celebrate my sexuality.
  • I absorb information from my feelings.

Sacral-Chakra-1024x625Meditation. There are many Sacral Chakra guided meditations on YouTube, some of which are short enough to integrate into your morning routine. I urge you to find what works best for you. Even taking time to sit in a quiet space and focusing on the Sacral Chakra emblem or chanting one of the shorter affirmations may be effective for you.

Yoga. Yoga is a wonderful way to balance, attune, and ground the body. Any type of movement that integrates and activates the body is appropriate for working with the sacral chakra.

Activity: A simple way to work with sacral chakra is to integrate something pleasurable into each day. We have tendency to get caught up in the monotony of the day-to-day and forget that each moment is a gift and an opportunity for growth. Honor sacral chakra by acknowledging and allowing pleasure into your life. Pleasure could take the form of something as simple as a purchasing (or picking) a bouquet of flowers to a shared sensual activity with an intimate partner. Allow yourself pleasure and know that you deserve it. Who you are is enough.

Be the change and, as always, Namaste.


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