Book Recco: Looking at the Mind

Five stars!  It does help if you have at least an intermediate understanding of Yogic and Buddhist philosophy, but don’t let that stop you.  This book will undoubtedly travel with me to my next home (I’m prepped to relocate, after all!), for the wisdom it contains is invaluable despite your spiritual affiliations.

Essentials Maha

Here’s just a taste of wisdom:

“The Tibetan lhenchig kyepa is translated as “coemergence” or “coming together,” as with two rivers merging.  It could also be translated as “innate,” because it quite literally means, “born together.”  Coemergence refers to the fact that the wisdom that realizes the  true nature of phenomena is already present within us.  it is not something that needs to be newly generated.  We have this wisdom, but we have not realized it.  Because we have not realized things as they are, or mahamudra, we suffer.  Through coemergent wisdom we connect with the reality of things that are already present within us. . .

“Thoughts are coemergent.  At times the mind and its thoughts seem to be different things and at times they seem to be similar. . .Although waves appear in the ocean, and we see them, they are not different from the ocean itself.  Similarly,  thoughts appear and are perceived but are not actually different from the mind” (Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche, 151-57).


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