Non-ordinary States of Consciousness Survey

This is a quick post to introduce the Non-ordinary States of Consciousness (NoSC) survey that now appears on the Total Prana blog. I’ve been interested in NoSC for well over twenty years. Perhaps it isn’t entirely fair to label any of the states as “non-ordinary” since what we experience is driven by Mind, and within the mind there lie endless possibilities. Materialists would argue that the mind is contained within the brain; that what philosophers call “mind” is merely thought produced by firing neurons. Nobel Prize winning molecular biologist Francis Crick summed up the materialist stance nicely when he said, “We’re nothing but a pack of neurons.”   That’s very Alice in Wonderlandish of him, isn’t it?

I am not a Nobel Prize winner, but I have a mind and a brain and am capable of thought. Oftentimes I strive for non-thought and for a semblance peace. And from my place of knowing, that place that cannot be touched in the physical world or examined by the fMRI, PET, or any other modern technological device, I vehemently yet respectfully disagree with Mr. Crick’s position. Of course we have neurons and a physical brain. Of course our body dies. And yet. . .

I’ve included a new widget on the Total Prana site for a survey on Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness. I plan to leave the link on the page for at least the next six months, so please share it with your friends, coworkers, whomever you like. The survey is entirely anonymous and your information will not be tracked, traced, or trolled. I will share the survey themes as time goes along, but in order to identify themes people first need to take the survey. So I invite you to share.

To participate in the survey, look on the main screen and click the image that looks likes this one:deep_consciousness_by_5h0a-d5mfnny

Thanks so much for following. Thanks in advance for participating in the NoSC. As always, your comments are welcome.



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