Over-Sciencing and Centipede Wisdom

Years ago I had a supervisor who used to begin his staff meetings by saying, “Now, let’s not over-science this, but. . .”  Every time I heard this I knew he was about to delegate tasks to teams and inevitably some of the team members would, despite his guidance, “over-science” and therefore complicate the project unnecessary.   And, in the face of that over-complication what do you think he would say?  He said, “Now, don’t over-sciene this, but. . .” Some of us got it, others didn’t. Some people will always get it, others won’t.  This is neither good nor bad; it just is what it is. Don’t over-science it.

Enjoy a touch of weekly wisdom:

mosaics“In sum, then, te is the unthinkable ingenuity and creative power of man’s spontaneous and natural functioning – a power which is blocked when one tries to master it in terms of formal methods and techniques.  It is like the centipede’s skill in using a hundred legs at once.

The centipede was happy, quite

Until a toad in fun

Said, “Pray, which leg goes after which?”

This worked his mind to such a pitch,

He lay distracted in a ditch,

Considering how to run.”

–Excerpt from Alan Watts’, The Way of Zen


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