Intellect Alone Is Incapable of Truth

Direct experience is the key, intellect is only a small part of the larger whole.  Enjoy some words of wisdom from the mystic yogi, Sri Aurobindo below.


“European metaphysical thought –even in those thinkers who try to prove or explain the existence and nature of God or of the Absolute—does not in its method and result go beyond the intellect. But the intellect is incapable of knowing the supreme Truth; it can only range about seeking for Truth, and catching fragmentary representations of it, nor the thing itself, and trying to piece them together. Mind cannot arrive at Truth; it can only make some constructed figure that tries to represent it or a combination of figures. . .

“Until we know the Truth (not mentally but by experience, by change of consciousness) we need the soul’s faith to sustain us and hold on to the Truth –but when we live in the knowledge, this faith is changed into knowledge.”

–Sri Aurobindo, Letters on Yoga

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