Mandala Images: See, do not speak

Of late I have been disenchanted with the written word. For whatever reason everything other than scholarly reference and spiritual material seems, at best, heavy with affectation, floridity, and artificial contrivance. Poetry is a minor exception largely because of the utility of language. It is a phase and therefore a process, much like the never-ending flow evoked by mandala art. In the spirit of minimizing discourse, in the spirit of meaning through art and creativity, this week I give you mandala artwork. As many of you know, mandalas are sacred symbols used in Yoga, Buddhism, Hinduism, Shamanism, and, more recently, in Western mystical practices. I bring you a sample of several  this week. View, savor, and enjoy. In silence.

Hildegard de Bingen

Cosmic Tree DasWeltallBingen hildegard-praise HildegardeWheelOfLife_Bingen

Buddhist Inspired (some are made from sand and destroyed immediately upon completion to represent the impermanence of all things)

Budmandala1 Budnair16th-mandala Mandala2Bud

American Indian Inspired

NatAmcil_570xN.302015256 Red-Tailed-Hawk-Native-American-Mandala

Shamanic Vision Inspired:

Sham6b93ed8e3c04a7641356e12263e1043e shamanic-mandala-facing-fear-15-mar-15

Ancient Hindu


Kabbalah inspired

capricornkabbalistictree2 Kaballah

Celtic inspired

Celt3-ce4_insb celtic-aperture-mandala-kristen-fox CeltJen-Delyth-Art-Logo

Mandala art by Carl Jung (more can be found in Jung’s RED BOOK)

Mandala_Golden_Flower_Jung mandala

There are thousands of mandala images that span all cultures. I invite you to find your favorite and meditate upon it, or create your own. I’d like to write more about the mandala, when I feel friendly with words again. Until then, take what works for you and leave the rest behind.




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One response to “Mandala Images: See, do not speak

  • Gia

    These are beautiful. And yes, it’s all been said somewhere anyway…and copied and repeated. Mandalas carry their own information – and there is lots of it in each one. Thanks for sharing.


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