Guided Meditation: Increasing Creativity

Hello all!  As mentioned in earlier posts, I’ve been a bit disenchanted with writing and traditional from of creativity lately. It occurred to me, however, that being creative encompasses much more than writing, drawing, visual art, and the traditional “creative” endeavors we typically think of. Creativity spans many areas to include scholarly work and research, clothing and design, furniture and feng shui and flower arrangement, and, of course, sharing ideas and inspiration with friends and family.  This is a very short list, of course, and there really are no limits where creativity is concerned.  Bottom line: do not be rigid in how you define creativity.  Explore, experience, experiment, and allow. . .it is through this process that you will unleash your personal creativity.

To help get your juices flowing, consider this guided meditation by Lilian Eden. I tried this last night and enjoyed it, I hope you will too!

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