Conversation is stupidity


“I asked him to explain this point to me in more detail, or to describe the difference in effect between the two.  He looked at me for a long time and laughed.  He said that learning through conversation was not only a waste, but stupidity, because learning was the most difficult task a man could undertake.  He asked me to remember the time I had tried to find my spot, and how I wanted to find it without doing any work because I had expected him to hand out all the information.  If he had done so, he said, I would have never learned.  But, knowing how difficult it was to find my spot, and, above all, knowing that it existed, would give me a unique sense of confidence.  He said that while I remained rooted to my ‘good spot’ nothing could cause me bodily harm, because I had the assurance that at hat particular spot I was at my very best.  I had the power to shove off anything that might be harmful to me. If, however, he had told me where it was, I would never have the confidence needed to claim it as true knowledge.  Thus, knowledge was indeed power.”

-C. Casteneda, Yaqui Way of Knowledge


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