Three selections

“How sad that people ignore the near

and search for truth afar:

like someone in the midst of water

crying out in thirst;

like a child of a wealthy home

wandering among the poor.”

–Hakuin Zenji, verse from “Song of Zazen”



Merton Shack Geth

“The trees indeed love You without knowing You. The tiger lilies and corn flowers are there, proclaiming that they love You, without being aware of Your presence. The beautiful dark clouds ride slowly across the sky musing on You like children who do not know what they are dreaming of, as they play.”

— Thomas Merton, Thoughts in Solitude, written at the the Abbey of Gethsemani, Kentucky (photo: Merton’s shack in the woods)



Desert Sunrise

“It was in the desert the womb was cut;

in the desert that Inipi woman healed it with

spirit breath and feathers.

The grey fox will not decompose,

there are no vultures to pick her clean.

And yet. . .

the sun rises in purple paint, a gift from burnt dust.


–K. M., Ahwatukee, AZ


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