Poetry of nothingness : Dearest Zhitong


Dearest Zhitong


Dearest Zhitong, the same of water is true of other things:

Although the hurricane is made of wind,

The hurricane is not the wind.

Although the wind may become a hurricane,

The wind is still itself.


Anima, animus, shadow, ego

Volatile, pulling silk stringed tongues &

Chasing the simian mind.

From your eight century secret grave

You whisper to me, even now. . .


The cold winter wind

That howls, destroys, terrifies

Is also the soft breeze.


So it is Indra’s net then, yes?

Teach me to speak in a language

Where words are not geometry

But images of animals, mountains, sky.

And tell me in a simple way so I can. . .


Even the hawk and vulture

Understand the wisdom of

The wind.


There is nothing to grasp

And it is beautiful.


—K.M. McCann


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