Spirit Tree

A meditation teacher once said that the feeling of a long exhale was what it must surely be like to die.  I like that idea and each time I exhale it is a reminder that, breath by breath, a rebirth happens.


“The first Udege who lived on this earth didn’t know what it meant to die.  People believed that when they grew old, their spirits moved into trees.  Men inhabited willows and women inhabited birches.  The spirits lived in trees until they were born again, and thus they circulated indefinitely in this middleworld.”   –Sooyang Park


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One response to “Spirit Tree

  • Gia

    If that is what dying feels like, it can’t be so bad, can it?
    Also, I love that photo! There was a phase in my life when I had a few ‘tree friends’. One of them was a willow, the others good old German oaks 🙂 Great to lean on and get support.


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