See It Whole Again

It isn’t as hard as we make it; but we must be wiling to relinquish habit mind and cut through illusion.  Can you sit and look without naming, judging, categorizing? Try it.

wolf look

“If we are willing to do whatever it takes to find God, then we must quit commenting or reflecting upon what we see and experience. We need not name, judge, analyze, or think about what we experience; we can experience what is happening directly through sensory perception. We can quit fantasizing about how we think the world ought to be and bring ourselves back to the immediacy of its isness. We can learn to quit talking to ourselves by strongly focusing our attention upon what we are physically doing and what we are physically sensing during each moment of the day.

“Finally, we can quit attaching to ideas and images by learning how to watch them appear and disappear in silence. Just as we learned to divide the world into parts, we can also learn to put it back together again and see it again whole.”


–excerpt from Beyond Conceptual Thought by R. Harwood and Ven. Wonji Dharma


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