Our Higher nature= our Deeper nature


“Depth-diagnostic and therapeutic techniques should ultimately also uncover these same metaneeds because, paradoxically, our “highest nature” is also our “deepest nature.” The value life and the animal life are not in two separate realms as most religions and philosophies have assumed, and as classical, impersonal science has also assumed. The spiritual life (the contemplative, “religious,” philosophical, or value-life) is within the jurisdiction of human thought and is attainable in principle by man’s own efforts. Even though it has been cast out of the realm of reality by the classical, value-free science which models itself upon physics, it can be reclaimed as an object of study and technology by humanistic science. That is, such an expanded science must consider the eternal verities, the ultimate truths, the final values, and so on, to be “real” and natural, fact-based rather than wish-based, human rather than superhuman, legitimate scientific problems calling for research.”


–A. H. Maslow from The Farther Reaches of Human Nature


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