Essence of yoga


“Yoga is practiced and celebrated around the globe because of the positive difference it generates–physically, mentally, psychologically and spiritually. It continues to evolve as it has moved from East to West and back again. This is also because there is no one form of yoga but it is rather like the petals of the lotus flower, with its many branches and approaches. With a good teacher, yoga asana and breath work are infinitely adjustable to any age or stage, and from the bed ridden to the athlete. The essence of yoga is about consciousness, self study, reflection, and the full exploration of living and dying. It has the goal and intent of opening the mind and heart to insight, love and compassion bringing the perception that your life is your meditation. Many begin yoga for reasons health, fitness and physical wellness and this often expands to need for service in the world and care for our planet. Yoga has permeated many levels of our culture and continues to grow as it serves individual and general well being.

–Ganga White, White Lotus Foundation

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