Voodoo Doll Zen


Irritation, like love, is part of of the human experience.

Zen Master:  How are you today?

Student:  I’m irritated.

Zen Master:  Good.

Student:  Zen Master, I’ve been practicing loving kindness meditation every day but I’m still so irritated by that person. Am I doing something wrong?

Zen Master:  Well, if that loving kindness bullshit doesn’t work, then get a voodoo doll.  Beanie babies work well for that.

Student:  (hysterical laughter)  That’s awesome.

Zen Master:  If you’re irritated, be irritated.

–Sunday afternoon Zen interview with an FMZO Zen Master

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2 responses to “Voodoo Doll Zen

  • Bumwhush

    Hi, I’m Bumwhush and that’s my copyrighted image of my creation titled Vintage Voodoo Doll. I’m a professional artist and you can view my copyright info on the right side bar of my website http://www.bumwhush.com. To continue to use this image, you must give credit of my website in your post within 7 days. For legal purposes, I have taken screen shots and will monitor this post. Thank you for the understanding.


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