Prana (प्राणprāṇa) is the Sanskrit word for “life force” or vital principle.  Although in the West the word prana is most often associated with the physical postures of yoga, it encompasses so much more.  It is the essence of life, vitality, spirit, energy, and Divine Love.  The purpose of this site is to expound upon the theme of spirituality, awakening, philosophy, transpersonal psychology, and metaphysics.  This is not a site with a singular focus, instead, it serves as a forum for self-discovery.

Thank you in advance for visiting and I hope you find something of value here.  As always, take what resonates with you and leave the rest behind.

Most importantly, thank you for joining me on this wonderful journey.

About the author:  The author is a Transpersonal Research Psychologist who works in the academic field.  The author is a published writer and serious researcher of philosophy, altered states, spirituality, shamanism, and other metaphysical areas; a certified yoga instructor (White Lotus Foundation trained), a long time meditator, and a certified (but non-practicing) hypnotherapist.

Nothing is too esoteric for Total Prana, for within all life lies the potential for inspiration.

Namaste beach


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