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Captive of linguistics


“The core teaching of the Buddha always has been that all things are dependently arisen, hence fundamentally devoid of any independently lasting substance. All that’s happening in the phenomenal world is an interplay of form and energy that creates a transitory phenomenon in time and space. In our ignorance, we continue to interpret this interplay as real-in-itself. Moreover, as captives of linguistic formulations we even interpret our conceptual thinking to represent something real.”

–from Mu Seong’s The Heart of the Universe


Why not believe?


“A not-moving mind gives rise to faith. When your mind is not moving, you can spontaneously believe in this world’s beauty. You can believe that this whole world is already truth. The name for that is faith. So, unlike other religions, believing in Buddha as an object of faith actually means believing in your true self. Faith means simply believing in your true self, your original nature: you are already Buddha! Then you can believe your eyes, your ears, your nose, your tongue, your body, and your mind. You believe the trees, the sky, Buddha, God – everything! Someone once asked me, “Soen Sa nim, do you believe in God?

“I said, “Of course!”

“The person was very shocked. “You are a Zen teacher. How can you possibly believe in God?

“I believe my eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body, and mind – why not believe everything? I believe this green tree, the blue sky, a barking dog, the smell of incense – why not believe in Buddha or God?”


–from The Compass of Zen by Zen Master Seung Sahn