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Cross over it

Country Bridge 2

If you give up everything you own,

You will experience a reality that is not of this world.

What you think is a place of power and position,

Is really a prison.

Your lust for the things of this world makes it

Impossible for you to leave good and evil behind.

Your hair turned white without your permission

And in the end passions bring you to shame.


“Life is a bridge. Cross over it. Don’t install yourself upon it.”  –Jesus


Labels, labels everywhere and not an ounce of wisdom among them.


“‘Attachment to a self,’ Subhuti, is said by the

Tathagata to be no attachment.  Yet foolish people

remain attached.  And ‘foolish people,’ Subhuti, are

said by the Tathagata to be no people. Thus are they

called ‘foolish people.'”

Diamond Sutra, 25