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Dead Zen

fullsizeoutput_840“To attain enlightenment, it is not necessary to abandon family life, quit your job, become a vegetarian, practice asceticism, flee to a quiet mountaintop, or enter a ghost cave of dead Zen to entertain your subjective imaginings. If you have been practicing quiet meditation but your mind is still not calm and free when in the midst of activity, this means you haven’t been empowered by your quiet meditation.
“Furthermore, if you have been practicing quietude just to get rid of agitation, then when you are practicing quietude just to get rid of agitation, then when you are in the midst of agitation, the agitation will disturb your mind just as if you had never done any quiet meditation.
“When you are studying Zen, as you meet with people and deal with situations, never allow erroneous thoughts to continue. If an erroneous thought arises, immediately focus your attention and root the thought out. If, however, you just follow the thought unhindered, this will not only make it impossible to have any insight into your own true nature it will also make you a fool.
“Good and bad come from your own mind. However, what do you call your own mind, apart from your actions and thoughts? Where does your mind come from? If you really know where your own mind comes from, boundless obstacles caused by your own actions will be cleared all at once. After seeing that, all sorts of extraordinary possibilities will come to you without your seeking them.”
Chán Master Dàhuì Zōnggăo

The World is Already Spiritual


“Real spirituality is an acceptance of the world as spiritual already. So you don’t have to remold the world. For those who believe in a traditional view of mysticism, the world is mysterious. They can’t experience mysticism in its fullest sense because they expect too much. They become deaf and dumb to the teaching. It is highly mysterious for them. But it isn’t mysterious for those who actually relate to mysticism in its fullest sense. The reality of the world could be called self-secret. Something spiritual or mystical in this sense means something that strikes the truth. True spirituality is an absence of frivolity, an absence of belief in good and bad in the religious sense, an absence of religiosity. So spirituality seems to transcend the religion of an established church. It is that which is contained in the living situation, which speaks truth, which reminds you of the natural situation of things as they are.”


— Chögyam Trungpa, from dharma talks compiled as Work, Sex, Money: Real Life on the Path of Mindfulness

Essence of yoga


“Yoga is practiced and celebrated around the globe because of the positive difference it generates–physically, mentally, psychologically and spiritually. It continues to evolve as it has moved from East to West and back again. This is also because there is no one form of yoga but it is rather like the petals of the lotus flower, with its many branches and approaches. With a good teacher, yoga asana and breath work are infinitely adjustable to any age or stage, and from the bed ridden to the athlete. The essence of yoga is about consciousness, self study, reflection, and the full exploration of living and dying. It has the goal and intent of opening the mind and heart to insight, love and compassion bringing the perception that your life is your meditation. Many begin yoga for reasons health, fitness and physical wellness and this often expands to need for service in the world and care for our planet. Yoga has permeated many levels of our culture and continues to grow as it serves individual and general well being.

–Ganga White, White Lotus Foundation