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Top of the Mountain


I hiked at Phoenix Mountain Preserve on Good Friday with quail, lizards, saguaro, and chipmunks. At the top of the mountain I sat on the ground and waited for nothing.

A man and his two children –teenager and a tween—soon arrived.

What did they say when the reached the top of the mountain?

“Nice job, buddy,” the man told his son. “Alright, we’ll chill for a minute.”

They posed for photos of themselves against the cityscape: selfies, group shots, never turning to view the side that held no streets. What did they capture inside their camera?

I heard the flies buzz, felt the sand against my palms.

“Okay, let’s go down, we’re done,” said the man after three minutes.

A middle-aged couple soon came to the top.

“Is this it?” said the woman, disappointed. She searched for a higher point, found it, and led her husband to the next crest. I watched them climb and once they reached that peak, they immediately turned for the descent.

What did they find at the top of the mountain? More rocks and sand perhaps. Something they climbed for, but could not name and could not touch; something always there, but unseen, untouched, unheard, un-experienced by sleepwalkers.

What do you find at the top of the mountain?


Premature Enlightenment

Alreadyness of it all

No one upsets you, no one makes you happy, no one does anything to you. Your mind creates it all through conditioning.  Wake up! You’re already there.


“’That’s the secret, my brother,” he continued, “the ‘alreadyness’ of it all. You have nothing whatsoever to gain. Nothing is off in the future or out there that you can acquire. In having God, you have all spiritual goals and all spiritual perfection already. Sooner or later we all have to quit looking and start realizing. We waste so many years looking. . .””


from George Fowler’s Dance of a Fallen Monk